My name is BK Colt, and I interview Millionaires.

I interview Millionaires in all areas of business. I take these interviews, put them on this website, you tube, and other social media venues. I am doing this so you can listen to Millionaires and begin to think like they think. I am CERTAIN that if you think like a millionaire you will eventually become one. You will get first hand information and ideas from people who have done it within many various area of the marketplace, so you to can become wealthy and create millions of dollars for yourself and others if you so choose.

These entrepreneurs have an ear for money, A GREEN EAR, THE MONEY EAR. Most of them were definitely not born to money, they have trained themselves to listen for and be interested in money and how money works. I believe anyone can do this, anyone can become a millionaire that’s right even you can be a millionaire, if that is what you want.

This website is based on asking great questions not giving answers. Great questions require thinking and don’t always lend themselves to immediate answers. By creating this website I hope to create GREAT not GOOD entrepreneurs and millionaires,

My intention is two fold, 1) to get answers to Great questions from entrepreneurs i interview. 2) to get great questions from the entrepreneurs I interview. Both will teach you, the listener, to think about your role and responsibility you have to yourself, your family, and community.

On this website you do not get watered down interpretations of what these wealthy entrepreneurs say, you do not get cherry picked pieces of the interviews, you get all the MARBLES, all the GOLD from the mind and words of the entrepreneurs themselves. We do our very best to eliminate as much editing as possible. We are as organic as possible in the free wheeling way our interviews take place and are added to the website.

This website is also interactive, I would love to ask the millionaires your most excellent questions. Send me your questions so I can make this website an excellent experience for you.

Why would you not want to expand your life’s options and create more freedom for you and your family by opting to become wealthy.

Whatever you are afraid of becomes your master. Fear takes your story away from you, making someone else the screenwriter of your life. You are the STAR in your own movie. Are you STARRING in an Oscar role or a lemon. If you want to learn to screen write your own movie and write your own ticket, please stick around, join in and be part of a new life movie called “The Best MONEY Training that Life Has to Offer”,
Starring YOU and the Interviewed.

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