Become Wealthy

Listening to Millionaires will give you information to create money. We interview people who have made millions in real estate, online services, grocery chains, consulting, construction, hair stylists, you name it and we will interview them. There are people we interview who have what we consider Millionaire Status. These are people who give to their community in ways that money just can’t buy. These people are valued in their community so much that they are considered genuinely indispensable by many. All these people have a few things in common, they have a passion or meaning and they are motivated.

What motivates people? There are 5 that I am going to suggest from highest to lowest:

  1. Purpose, Duty, and Mission motivated people have the highest success rate for completing their Vision and creating change in a community or culture. They are almost always very highly paid for their ideas and efforts.
  2. Personal conviction motivation or self starters. Entrepreneurs who do it because they say they are going to do it and have a personal stake in their business and reason for making money. Purpose motivated people are also personally motivated and their conviction is aligned with their purpose.
  3. Ethics based motivation or morality motivation and is based in polarity, good and bad, right and wrong. They are trying to be good and swing back and forth. Many people in this category preach one thing and do the opposite. Purpose motivated people have a high sense of ethics and morality and this falls in line with their purpose
  4. Ego centered motivation. The work done by these people is motivated by fame, notoriety, to claim a position, or to show importance, This is not a very high form of motivation and does not last very long. Purpose motivated people naturally receive recognition
  5. Money is the lowest form of motivation and these people can be spotted by their selfish attitude and behavior. They take care of themselves first and generally only themselves. Research shows that if your vision is big enough to change something, you contribute to the whole, you have strong personal conviction and ethics, and you are receiving recognition and do not even need it, your life will be fulfilled day in and day out. If these ways of motivation are the essence and source of your being, you will become AFFLUENT, THE MONEY WILL FLOW TO YOU NATURALLY

In closing, learn to love yourself. Truly find out who you are, what you love, and get paid for what you love

If you who want loving relationships, a purpose driven life while constantly learning and creating new and exciting possibilities for your life.