Grow your bank account

Here at LISTENING TO MILLIONAIRES our goal is to help create and implement our clients visions while they learn to balance their lives. We want you to have a life you love, a life intentionally created. You are most likely living a life by accident for the most part, I know I did, until I got trained in being centered. I looked at my entire life, and got responsible for it, especially the warts.

We do not charge thousands or even hundreds of dollars. We want our training to be affordable to all people who want GROWTH in their life. You can be trained fast or slow. There are many different ways; from LISTENING TO MILLIONAIRES on our blogs and VIDEOS to ONE ON ONE coaching, and everything in between. There are known classes in the world that teach and give tools to transform your very being. There are lucid dreaming techniques, biological muscle testing to find strengths and weaknesses in every category of your life. There is also meditation one of the oldest and still used ways to get in touch with who you really are. What is important is purpose and meaning. It can be created or may just come to you out of nowhere. It will eliminate nihilistic, victim held tendencies.

What I suggest starting with is LOVE training. Learn to LOVE yourself WITHOUT EGO. Nothing on this planet has ever been created without first creating with words. Conversation is listening and sharing, but mostly listening. Conversation is the most powerful way to create. The words, vocabulary, and conversations you use and have with yourself, are the most important words and conversations you have in your entire life.