Life Consulting

“There are patterns in the way we think and feel. It is not just thinking that produce emotions. Your body learns and is trained by the brain to react to words and situations from the past. The brain produces chemicals that keeps the body addicted to the emotions and behavior we use in our everyday lives. Stress also does this and is the biggest contributor to health issues.” Tony Robbins

We at GREEN EAR Productions, and LISTEN TO MILLIONAIRES, create opportunities and possibilities for you to have a life created by you that you love. We offer knowledge and training that will transform your thought and behaviors towards yourself and others.

If you blame yourself or others for your life or situations that you end up in, then you are letting the outside world control your experience, that is called being a victim. Blame creates victim-hood tenancies and is a direct sign that you are not being responsible for your life.
If you have ever been divorced, continue to have conversations with others that result in arguments or bad feelings or any other issue that you cannot explain, did not plan or actually create consciously, then you are not being responsible for something in your past. It is not important to find out what it is from the past, it is important to put the past where it belongs, in the past.

I have to ask again, what do you want? What are you willing to do to have a live you love created by you?
And most importantly; what kind of a person do you want to be when you get there and truly experience that life? How are you going to be experienced by yourself and others for the rest of your life?
Do you like you? DO YOU LOVE YOU? Are you paying attention and being present moment by moment? Are you interested in how you are being experienced by others? Have you ever asked anyone to be honest about how they experience you. If they were honest and exposed you as an egotistical, self centered jerk, would you be mad at them for being honest?

If you do not find anything in this website that is remotely interesting then you may need this training the most. If you do find this website interesting and leaves you with questions, then the training is perfect for you.