The meaning of life might just be to give life meaning

Do you have meaning in your life, the why, the reason to get up and face the day every morning with love and passion? There are many different ideas and ways to see or get your purpose and find meaning in life. I suggest LOVE and RESPONSIBILITY be your guide. I am going to share 3 important categories.

  1. YOUR personal relationship with YOU. Do you LOVE YOU? Most people I meet say NO. Do you LOVE YOUR family? Most people say YES. It is more important for YOU to LOVE YOU first. Two ways to start this process is stop judging and blaming yourself. What would it be like to stop your conversations of being a fat, ugly, shy, jerk. Or a skinny, cute, stuck up arrogant jerk? What would it be like to forgive yourself and others for being human? No more anger towards drivers on the highway or that person in line at the checkout counter who uses 30 coupons. What would that be worth if that were possible? You can have a life YOU LOVE.
  2. Your relationship to your community, job, co-workers, employees and casual relationships can bring meaning. We call this Quasi Philanthropy. You can get a deep meaning of life by giving time plus money, when possible, to causes in your communities. As an owner of a business, what would it be like if the gossip and blame all but disappeared from your business? What if water fountain visits were actually used for getting water or for creating possibility instead of creating gossip? This will happen by creating love and possibility for yourself and others.
  3.  Religion and passion, which does not necessarily include church will bring meaning. Atheists have religion. People have replaced religion with politics. If the passion is proven to be for the good of others and not self absorption then I believe there can be a higher meaning of life reached in any occupation.

Unless you have been seeking for and found secrets to create your GREEN EAR future in the present, you may still be living from your past. It makes so much sense that you cannot be something different by continuing to be the same thoughts and behaviors from the past. It is biologically and scientifically proven that you can quickly create a new you by following basic structures taught on this website. You will have a life you love if you are willing to create a new future with new thoughts and words. Your future will never change as long as you continue to think according to everything you know. Your new future requires a new you. It is simple to do and requires effort.

You stopped at this website because being broke is not a conversation you like to have or a life you want to experience now or in the future. Why not create wealth. Why not be rich. Think like millionaires. Do what they do inside a conversation about loving relationships that work for all humans and you will have wealth and heaven on earth. Why would you choose to die for heaven when you can experience it right here on earth. Create and take your earthly heaven with you always and forever.